Building design works

 The project is being prepared in accordance with:

• Building Act and other laws governing building safety requirements, other legislation, territory planning and normative building technical documents. Compulsory documents: design work contract (when the design is carried out by contract) in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
• International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) documents or by the determinate order of other international documents evaluating the provision of the Civil Code.

•Copy of design work contract.

     The design work contract can be made one for the two stages (for the technical project and work project ,technical work project, a simplified project), or separately for each phase of building design (technical project, work project).
     The design work contract can be made with a single designer for the whole project or with several different designers to certain sections of the project. In the latter case, the contract tells which designer is the main. If this is not specified, the principal designer is the man, who appoints (hires) the whole project’s manager.

     • By these provisions:

    1. If there is no possibility to implement normative building technical, normative building safety and purpose documents, so there should be provided appropriate technical means to compensate these shortcomings. Designer together with the builder before getting a building permission must write to the institutions, which approved the following normative documents, project solutions, referring to the compensatory technical measures, and within 7 days to obtain the written subscription of these institutions (or reasoned opposition) to do this.
    2. Changing normative building technical or normative building safety document provisions, new provisions for the organization of the project are valid in the following cases:

    If they came into the effect until the design conditions’digest approval date, and in case when this digest is not obligatory - until design works’ contract signing date, provided that in both cases, in the normative acts it is not fixed differently.

• according to the builder's request, when he complemented the technical task, design works’ contract and and stated that the project is changed according to the new or changed normative building technical and normative building safety documents.
• the work project is prepared by a designer, who prepares a technical project. Other designer can prepare the work project if the designer who prepared a technical project:
• cancelled the design work or no longer exists;
• did not oppose that the work project would be prepared by other designer, confirming the builder in written form or noted in the technical project works’ contract;
• upon the written consent of the builder, hired another designer to prepare a project work;
• the building contractor is selected according to the technical project by competition;

   Building architect, representing the builder’s interests and not offending against designer’s interests, must make sure that the project part’s solutions would comply with the solutions of the law, regulations, normative building technical, normative building safety document requirements, would not violate state, integration of the disabled, public and interests of third person. Building architect must ensure that the project would be constructed to implement the Law of the essential architecture of the building and planning documents to determine the construction site regulative and security requirements. Building architect is the author and project manager of architectural design and carries out the leader’s duties of the project’s part and makes use of the rights that are set out in the 2nd annex of the Regulation. Residential or public use building architect is also the project manager and carries on the following duties and makes use of the rights that are set out in the 1st annex of Regulation. Designing the building for other purpose the architect is a leader of project part and is subordinate to the project manager.

Why is it worth choosing our team of designers?

• Because our team can provide competent assistance in making crucial decisions and be irreplaceable partner in the early stages of the project. Our main goal - to ensure excellent quality of the building throughout its maintenance period.
• Because the building is designed according to the builder’s wishes and according to LR laws and regulations.
• Therefore, the aim is to increase the efficiency first of all dealing with the documents, that are related with the project, namely the calculatiion of estimates and the maximum integration of all processes from initial sketches to final product. Such integration would not only accelerate the design, preparation works, but also would let to carry out construction work very precisely.

   Finally, the building will be designed with an optimal layout of accomodation, that there were less useless area and that the builder and other people would feel more comfortable.
   Trust your worries to us and our company will effectively and securely maintain and manage your property!

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