Building construction works’ technical maintenance

• building construction technical supervisor (general building construction maintenance supervisor) before starting work, will receive a construction permit to construct, reconstruct, repair (demolish) or carry out any immovable cultural heritage management of the construction work.
• monitors that construction technology works and building work projects would be accomplished in time.
• organizes the geodesic coordinates’, rappers’, red lines’ marking and fixing in the building site, together with geodesic service control, accept and endorse the geodesic photos.
• construction manager is given the building site and its existing facilities, utilities and communications plan;
• work out a contract with the adjacent property owners (or the person holding the land) because of the building site’s temporary use during the construction.
• according to the determinate order (in conjunction with a construction manager) prepare requisitions on the conditions of temporary (construction period) construction works for the installation area of the site (temporary buildings, roads, driveways, exit, bypass, cranes and so on if those conditions were not set up till the planning of building project ) and supervise their implementation.

• according to the determinate order (with a construction manager) prepare the requisitions because of the design conditions for the period of construction for energy, water supplies, communication services and so on. (If the conditions are not set up a design project, and training) and supervise their implementation.
• during the construction period the building will be constructed in accordance with the approved project, subject to the laws, regulations, normative documents with construction, construction of standard safety, building design specifications, building permission requirements. The necessary measurements and testing will be done in time.
• if the building design solutions are not in the actual construction conditions, or for other reasons, can not be implemented, then the building construction technical supervisor applies to the builder (customer) in order to correct the rated solutions.
• Controls the construction (demolition) permissions and design conditions’ expiry dates, informs the builder (customer) about their extension necessity, cares about that.

• controls that all changes of the building project would be carried out in determinate order, and if there are any changes in design solutions that have undergone the examination, notifies the builder (customer) the need for additional expertise in construction project.
• stops the building works if the changed design solutions are not legalized in determinate order.
• controls building works’ normative quality, their consecution of fulfilment.
• verifies that during the period of construction all used materials and the quality of equipment would meet the requirements of the construction project technical specifications.
• checks and accepts (with confirmation to use them) from a construction manager for construction work the hidden building works and hidden building constructions in the presence of specific technical supervision of construction managers and building maintenance supervisor of the project (in construction project supervision required), and sign the necessary legislation.
• participates in the testing of engineering networks, engineering systems, facilities, structures and sign their acceptance certificate.
• gets permission to carry out work on land (when it is necessary).
• participates in public administration subjects’ that are engaged in the construction of state supervision and immovable cultural heritage protection authorities of construction inspections.
• participates in evaluating the technical condition of the building structure expert at determining the structures attached to the immovable cultural heritage values, preserved items, including the suspension and renewal (the suspension) of construction work.
• informs the public administration subject of an emergency building condition or the accident.
• verifies that the construction work carried out in the documents comply with the limits of work fact, if necessary, determine the precise scope, requires that a special construction work would be signed by special technical supervision construction managers
signs the payment documents only then when construction work meets the quality requirements of the normative structure and some of them were signed by special technical maintenance managers.
• together with a building construction manager coordinate dangerous devices’ testing and registration questions.
• controls that engineering buildings’ geodesic photos were ordered and accomplished in time, controls, that according to the determinate order other building construction documents were ready.

• prohibits the use of not recognized as suitable for use building or part , is warns about the builder (customer) in writing and, where appropriate, informs the public administration subject about that.
• supervision of immovable cultural heritage management of the construction work is organized and controlled by a unique, having value items (retained cells), preservation of the ground and dismantled the temporary storage of valuable elements in building depots (stores).
• controls that all the requirements were written into a Building works’ register and that they were done according to the determinate dates.
• building technical supervisor distributes all named functions to the construction managers, and this is confirmed by a specific document.

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