Construction work coordination services:

Construction work coordination services:

• Document preparation, obtaining of design conditions, land topography photo ordering, organization of geological soil analysis with probing.
• Design work coordination and supervision (design work with the project manager, with project parts managers to ensure that the building’s technical project is prepared, taking into account all the needs of the builder and that the standard LR document demands wouldn’t be trespassed and the building or part of it is designed for maximum efficiency, more functional).
• the organization of technical project inspection ( experts inspect the technical project, as our goal is to foresee all the weak blind-spots of the constructed building and to avoid them, to notice them as soon as possible).
• making the building works’ plan and shedule, preparation of construction sites.
• selection of contractors by announcing the poll or an open competition, as well as contracting and management with a preferred contractor.
• building’s constructional works’ technical supervision (according to STR 1.12.07:2004).
• daily constructional works’ supervision and coordination, planning and protocolling of production meetings.
• planning and control of all constructional compulsory documents.
• building construction, utility infrastructure and landscaping works, the contractor acceptance, the documents submitted by them (the works of acts, geodesic control photos), controlling measurements of the accomplished works.
• collection of all compulsory documents , preparation, presentation to the State Board.
• the organization of building and outdoor engineering system cadastral measurements.
• building’s and its outdoor engineerig system’s validation.
• tranferring all documents relating with the construction to the Builder to keep in the archive.

    Why is it worth to choose building construction coordination service?

• the building will be designed according to the Builder’s wishes , and according to Lithuanian laws and regulations.
• the building will be constructed in accordance with the Technical and work projects.
• construction is carried out in minimal costs.
• the builder will be given a functional structure with properly formalized documents as well as with contractors’ and suppliers’ quality guarantees.
• all project participants (builder, project manager, project parts’ managers, contractors, suppliers and others) will feel well while working together.
• minimal risk of errors, the ability to coordinate the daily work of all participants as responsible as possible.
• bigger efficiency more accurately preparing project documents, calculations and estimates and maximally integrating all processes from initial sketches to final design. Such integration would not only accelerate the design and preparation work, but also would help to achieve maximum accuracy in the same building work.

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